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Las Vegas Outline

Just a boring list of what we did and places we visited in Las Vegas, no details. I'll post a detailed trip report later. J created this list on the fly in his palm pilot, usually during meals.

Chez Inwap and Ohana TyeDye, 15-Feb-2002 to 21-Feb-2002.
The household names for the 2 couples. J&S are our freinds, C&J are Chris and I.

Fri - Arrive just after midnight. Carriage House, 105 E Harmon Ave, Las Vegas.
(One normal city block from The Strip, between MGM Grand and The Aladdin.)

Sat - Aladdin brunch, bus to Circus Circus, ReBoot Ridefilm 3x, Pink
Pony Cafe, margaritas 99¢ for 27oz, long long walk to
Treasure Island, monorail to Mirage (white tiger viewing,
volcano in the fountain), walk to Caesar's, Wolfgang's
Chinois/China, Bellagio's dancing waters from 2nd walkway,
Bally's monorail to MGM Grand & Arena, back alley to home.

Sun - Aladdin brunch, Star Trek @ LV Hilton, (up $20 on 5 plays), Blue Man
Group, cafe at midnight.

Mon - sleep til noon, Gojirra Beanie, M&M Experience, MGM Lion Habitat,
MGM pools, Television City: review First Monday (guest star
Dean Stockwell), MGM Grand Buffet, NY-NY (Coyote Ugly).

Tue - Lake Mead cruise & Hoover Dam tour, Aladdin desert shops, evening
buffet, Paris, $9 Eiffel tower (good view of dancing waters),
Bellagio, tram to Monte Carlo, walk back.

Wed - La Creperie, Caesar's Palace: Race to Atlantis, taxi to Venician,
Krispy Kreme, gondola ride, taxi to Excalibur: Tournament of Kings,
Mandalay Bay. Send J&S back to room, C&J play the tables
(up around $30 after 2 hours of play)

Thu - J+S: sleep, C+J: Harrah's (up $30 after 1hr play) + Rio (lost $20) ,
buffet at Paris. Taxi to Fremont Experience downtown, Olympic Garden.

Fri - fly back to SJC just after noon.

Obviously we did not pace ourself; did way too much on Saturday.


Again! (Said immediately after the ReBoot Ridefilm, and after pausing
at Quark's in the Star Trek Experience.)

I can see it from here; it must not be too far to walk. (Yeah, right.)

"Girls to your room in 20 minutes!" - that's faster than ordering pizza.

Tell me about the interesting decor in the other restroom.

Donde esta la buffet?
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