Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation (johno) wrote,
Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation

Where were you when...

Geared towards late baby boomers considering the starting event.

1. When John F. Kennedy was shot (11/22/1963)

I was 2. I have vague memories of watching a presidential funeral, but that may have been Johnson's.

2. When Mt. St. Helens blew (5/18/1980)

Finishing my first year of college.

Didn't effect me very much, but it devastated a friend, who had been hiking Mt. St. Helens the summer before.

3. When the space shuttle Challenger exploded (1/28/1986)

I was in the Air Force, stationed at NORAD, I knew something was up when the "boards" went on, without the usual [exercise] signal.

I rushed to the nearest office that had a TV because I KNEW it was something to do with the shuttle.

4. When the 7.1 earthquake hit San Francisco (10/7/1989)

On a bus in San Jose. We (my fellow passengers and I) thought it was just a rough stop by the drive, till we realized the bus was still shaking and the street lights were dancing. Took me 4 hours to get home. I commend the public transit workers who kept on moving folks homeward bound, when they were obviously concerned for their loved ones.

4.5 cjsmith adds "when the Berlin Wall fell?" (11/9/1989)

Living in the SF Bay area, and seeing the images of folks dancing atop the wall. Worried, without knowing the back story, that these folks might be shot.

The joy of knowing that East Germany had fallen virtually overnight.

6. When the Gulf War began (1/16/1991)

Worried sick about my cousin, who had been called up out of college, to be sent to the Gulf.

7. When OJ Simpson was chased in his White Bronco (6/17/1994)

Living in the SF Bay area, I didn't care then, I don't really care now.

8. When the building in Oklahoma City was bombed (4/19/1995)

Living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I don't remember how I heard.

9. When Princess Di was killed (8/31/1997)

Living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I don't remember how I heard.

10. When Bush was first announced President (11/7/2000)

I stayed up late watching the switches back and forth. The long wait for Bush to concede, then the long wait for Gore to concede, then "ahh the hell with it. Go to bed folks."

11. When the 6.8 earthquake hit Nisqually, WA (2/28/2001)

Living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I don't remember how I heard.

12. When terrorists knocked over the World Trade Center (9/11/2001)

Just woken up, turned on the TV to catch the morning traffic & weather. Heard there was airline accident, but no details. Did my morning routine and came out from the shower to hear that it was terrorist attack, then saw the towers come down live.

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