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Yet more running around

Stopped by the theater and picked up tickets to LOTR for a 8:30pm show tomorrow. Could have gotten tix to the midnight movie, but the idea of starting a 3 hour movie at midnight is daunting.

Finally found a working model of my last the Xmas gift for Chris, but alas they were sold out. I need to go back to the other places and see if they still have it.

Job stuff progresses, HR person is finally going to start calling references today and/or tomorrow. I was really hoping to get solid word before the holiday starts. He keeps mentioning getting paperwork signed for the offer letter, so I'm 90% sure I've got it, but...

Random Thought of the Day: Yesterday I was watching VH1's Below the Waist, which explores Sex and Rock. One of the episodes was Women in Rock. One of the comments in the show was regarding Brittany Spears & Christina Agulara: They present themselves as ultra sexy, yet they also take great pains to present themselves as good girls. Is the message "Feel free to objectify yourself, but don't do anything." harmful?

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