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Busy, busy, busy.

Schedule entry ahead, no real commentary...

The near Future:

Friday night: The Laramie Project & the Gwen/Eddie Araujo Memorial Vigil - On the Safety Crew doing crowd control for the Vigil and have tickets to the performance.

Sat day: Cirque du Soleil: Varekai - Front row seats!!!
Sat night: The Laramie Project - On the Safety Crew doing crowd control

Sun day: The Laramie Project - On the Safety Crew doing crowd control

Sat & Sun Safety Crew hopes to have nothing to do.

Sun night: Shakira - Floor seats about 1/2 back in the first floor section.

Next Fri night: The Laramie Project - On the Safety Crew doing crowd control. This is the night the folks from Kentucky have announced they are visiting.

Afterwards, we head off to see the 10:30pm showing of Harry Potter.

Next Sat day and night: The Laramie Project - On Safety Crew doing crowd control.

Next Sunday: Rest - Unless we need start building sets for Stage1 that day.

The Recent Past:

29 Sept - Nice quiet B-Day for me.

5 Oct - Went to "old" Ren Faire at the new location in Casa del Fruta. Smaller but shadier. Need more time to truly explore it. Maybe we'll camp next year.

5 Oct - rmjwell 40th B-Day party. Fun, but we couldn't interact very well after a day at Ren Faire. Too tired.

11-13 Oct - Silicon - Small, cozy and fun.

12 Oct - Popped out of Silicon to attend KK's B-Day party. Great Bar-B-Que and cool music.

19-20 Oct - Friends of the Sea Otter weekend. Our annual visit to Monterey for the FSA annual meeting, otter viewing and just general bumming around Monterey.

22ish Oct - Made final plans to visit family in Florida. No timeshares left in Tampa, we had to *settle* on the Marriott Grade Vista in Orlando. Gosh darn it. Guess we'll just have to go to Disneyworld multiple days.

25 Oct - Halloween Costume Party at Lupin. Great fun. Broadway Joe and Anita were the DJs. We like their usual mix. A little heavy on the disco tonight though. Interesting to see how folks dress up/down and slowly loose their costumes over the evening. One couple was a Prince and Princess. After he lost his pants, I commented "She charmed the pants off of Prince Charming." Boo. Later "Now he's charmed her completely out her dress." {thwap}

27 Oct - answered phones at KTEH's pledge drive. Very slow night. Shared gossip with other long time volunteers.

2 Nov - C&C's Wedding. Very pretty, held in a Redwood grove in Saratoga. They talked me into being the official photographer. I hope the pics come out ok. I very nervous about getting it right.

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