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Q&A Memes.

Seen in several different folks journals...

* How long have you been on LJ?

I was reading and posting anonymously for several months. My userinfo says I started on 2000-06-28 10:46:35.

I never kept a journal of any sort before joining LJ.

* What is the real purpose of your journal?

Base Answer: To be a registered use to be able to read and post to friend's journals who have locked their journal entries.

Longer Answer: To explore sides of myself through writing. Unfortunately I have a tendency to just post Meme'y crap.

* How much of you life do you really chronicle? bits and pieces? Most of it? All of it? Only certain aspects?
Bits and pieces. I go through phases where I document many aspects of my doings, then I leave large gaps in the recording of my life.

* Do you ever fear that friends or family, co-workers or the like may happen upon and read your journal and be influenced in their opinions of you by what they read?

Sometimes. I don't really worry about friends and coworkers. The might be surprised, but I doubt shocked. Some members of my family on the other hand...

* Do you ever NOT post something because you're afraid of how people will take it?

Yes, or a lock it down to a friend set/myself only. I am aware this is a public forum, despite the journal aspects. There are also things that I know could be hurtful to others and I respect them too much to post something that which may hurt them.

* Is there anything too sacred to share with the general journal reading public?

Yes, There are aspects of myself and my writings that I don't want anybody to see.

* Are there people on your friends lists whose journals you seldom read, but possibly skim only once or twice a week? (Don't name them..)

Unfortunately yes. I have many folks listed and am a member of many communities. I have extensive filters that I used to narrow my reads depending on mood and location. I have a primary core must read list that is checked as often as email. A fuller worksafe list for slow days at work. Others for photo communities, general busy communities, etc, etc.

* How often do you comment and how do you decide whether to comment?

I have a severe case of "Answer Man," I make many replies in many places.

* Do you expect all of your friends to read all of your posts? (Barring LJ cut stuff, quiz results and surveys like this one)

Nope, I'm actually fairly surprised by the number of folks that list me as a friend and make replies to my posts.

* On to a short answer quiz.

Name on birth certificate: John Francis Snyder Junior.
-- After chriso and I got married, we both changed our names.
-- My full legal name is: John Francis O'Halloran
Nicknames: JohnO, Eoin, BJ (family only) & Johnny (Uncles only)
Age: 41
Birthday: Sept 29
School: Student of Life. I take formal classes on a regular basis. I never completed my BS and have found no real reason to go back and complete it.
Color of eyes: Blue, when I get lots and lots of sun, they can pale out to almost colorless.
Height: 5'7"
Shoe size: 8W
Brothers/sisters: Only child, but I have cousins that are as close as brothers & sisters.
Who lives with you? My Lady chriso, Rusty and Autumn Red Tabby felines.
When's your bedtime? Should be Midnight, but is often 1-2am.

Been so drunk you blacked out? Twice, both times I've gotten reports and had flashes of memory of actions that are totally out of character for me.
Missed school because it was raining: Snow yes, Rain no.
Put a body part on fire for amusement: Nope, I've played with fire (passing fingers and arms through a flame), but never put flame on any body part.
Kept a secret from someone: Yes, and I still keep them.
Had an imaginary friend? Nope, but I did disappear into books very thoroughly.
Wanted to hook up with a friend?: Oh yeah! I'm of those poor guys who often gets the "you're such a good friend, you'd never hit on me" speech from ladies that I wanted to know in *that* way.
Cried during a movie? Yep, some movies I freely admit made me cry (Shindler's List) and others did it though such blatant manipulations, that I'm ashamed to admit it worked (ET).
Had a crush on a teacher? Yep.
Ever though an animated character was hot? Yep (Dr. Aki Ross from Final Fantasy and (Ghod help me) Melody from the original Josie and the Pussycats)
Had a New Kids on the Block tape: Never went through any teen pop phase. Even as a teen my tastes were a bit better then that.
Been on stage: Twice as an Actor (hated every minute), but I'm finding public speaking and teaching to get easier and easier as the years go by.
Cut your own hair: Yep, I usually just trim my hair back to even it up and remove split ends. There is no reason to pay someone $8-30 just to do that.
Been sarcastic? Who me? Never!!!

Shampoo: Fuller Thicker Hair, but I vary based on what is on sale.
Soap: Lever 2000
Color: Blue. But virtually anything that is bright. TyeDye and Hawaiian are my primary styles.
Day/night: Night Owl. If it didn't play havoc with the social life, I'd love to work a permanent swing shift.
Summer/winter: Summer, I hate the cold. NorCal is vast improvement over Midwest winters.
Lace/satin: Satin. Lace is too scratchy.
Cartoon characters: Loony Toons, old Disney.
Fave food: It varies.
Fave advertisement: I try to block most of them from my mine and memory.
Fave ice cream: NY Double Fudge Chunk.
Fave subject: Computers, with Math a close second.
Fave drink: Diet Coke

Wearing: Sweat Pants. Getting chilly, getting ready to move to bed.
Hair is: 12" pony tail, needs a split ends trim. Light brown/Dark blonde in color.
Eating: Nothing.
Drinking: Ice Water
Thinking: This test, the Dr Who ep playing on KTEH, the Laramie Project Safety Plans.
Listening: To Doctor Who: Dinosaur Invasion.
Talking to: chriso on and off.

Cried: No
Worn a skirt: No. Kilt was worn over a month ago.
Met someone new: Yep
Cleaned your room: Nope, though it needs it.
Drove a car: Yep

Yourself: Learning to.
Your friends: Yep.
Santa Claus: A little more grey and I can play him.
Tooth Fairy: Not since I woke up to find my Mom slipping the dime in.
Destiny/Fate: Who knows, I'm just muddling along.
Angels: Twitch. Ghad I hate the whole current concept of angels.
Ghosts: Yep. A persons energy can stick around.
UFO's: Don't know. I've never seen one and far to many reports of them are by unreliable sources.

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? My wife is my best friend.
Who's the shyest: Of the 2 of us, chriso
Who's the weirdest: Define weird.
Who do you go to for advice? chriso
Who do you cry with: chriso
What's the best feeling in the world? Seeing chriso come around that corner on our wedding day.
Worst feeling: The night I knew I had to let my Mom go.

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