Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation (johno) wrote,
Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation

Weather Meme

Have you seen:

a sandstorm: yes
a drought: yup.
a heat wave: yes
dewfall above 86 F: Don't think so.
a chinook: Nope
a forest fire: No
a dust storm: yes
a thunderstorm: yes.
a lightning strike: yes, many times on a small island 100m off-shore.
ball lightning: no
a flood: No
a flash flood: No
a thundersnow storm: maybe, I've heard thunder during snow
a hailstorm: yes
an ice storm: yes, 1 inch thick on the cars the next morning.
a blizzard: yes
"tree-cracking cold": yes, I think
a lake frozen hard enough to walk on or drive on: yes
ice out (ice breakup) in the spring: No
an iceberg calving: nope
a tornado: Yep, didn't realize it at the time.
a blowdown (powerful straight-line winds that can topple part of a forest): nope
a typhoon: no
a hurricane: no
a waterspout: no
St. Elmo's fire: no
a squall: yes
a full gale: no
seiche: nope
a tsunami: nope
an earthquake: yes
a sinkhole opening: not while I was there...
a landslide: yes
an avalanche: no
mudslide: Nope
a volcanic eruption: No
an ash fall: No
a lava flow: Yes
pyroclastic flow: I think so.
jokulhlaup: ???
a meteor strike: no
intense fog: yup.
the midnight sun: no
the noon moon: yes
sundogs: ???
northern lights: yes, Ooooohhh, Aaaahhhh
snow glittering in the night like diamonds: yes
a double rainbow: yes
a triple rainbow: yup

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