Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation (johno) wrote,
Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation

It's been a rough couple of weeks...

Lets start with the headline.

chriso had surgery yesterday to remove a <2 cm sized nodule of stage 1 cancer from her right breast, the surgeon also took her first lymph node for testing.

We know several folks dislike them, but we love Kaiser Permanente because of how they handled this.

4 weeks ago, Chris had her annual mammogram.
They called the following Tue to schedule a follow-up mammogram.

3 weeks ago, Chris had the follow-up. They asked that she stick around while the images were reviewed. They wanted to take a biopsy of what they found. The biopsy was done that same afternoon.

Last week, on Wednesday Chris received a call from a doctor saying they found something. Chris spoke to the Doctor who gave her the bad news, a Nurse and scheduling clerk. We were in having a meeting with the surgeon that afternoon, and he scheduled the surgery for the next Thursday. He was looking for a date even sooner.

Friday afternoon was taken up with tests and more discussions and the list of do's and don'ts for the "10 days prior to surgery." ..the one that happening in 5 days...

This week on Wednesday, Chris received an injection of radioactive dye to so they could trace the path from the nodule to the first lymph node.

Yesterday Chris had her surgery. We arrived at 10am, were checked in quickly. She was prepped and moved to Pre-Op, but the previous surgery ran long, so instead of starting at 12:40, she didn't even go into the OR till 1:30.

She was in recovery at 3:30, which means the surgery went exactly as long as it should have. They let me in to see her at 4pm. Chris was awake, looking good and feeling good. If a bit groggy and sore.

They released her at 5pm and we were home at 5:30.

Friends brought over dinner.

Today was a quiet day. We actually did some shopping but it drained both of us so we took a nap. Then went out to dinner. We're really wiped out and will probably be heading to be soon (which is very early for us.)

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