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Consonance 2013 PR#2 - Message from the Chairman

Consonance 2013 PR#2 - Message from the Chairman

Wow - it's only FIVE weeks until Consonance! While the concom is zipping around making things happen behind the scenes, there are things *you* may want to do:

1. Pre-register - it saves you money and keeps us from lying awake nights wondering if people are coming to the con. We've extended the current pricing through *February* 15th. Just send a check to:

Fanfare Music
c/o James D. Robinson
1448 Carlson Blvd.
Richmond CA 94804

2. Make your hotel reservations. We're at a new/old hotel, the Crowne Plaza Silicon Valley, this year - it's not the hotel we've used the past couple years; it's the one before that. They're eager to see us back, and it's a great location. There's an online reservations link on the website at , or you can follow this link: Crowne Plaza Silicon Valley Reservations.

3. If you'd like to do a concert, theme circle, workshop, or other program item, there's still time - but don't delay! Contact our Program Director, Lara, at

I'm looking forward to seeing you all the first weekend in March - friends, fun, and fantastic music!

--Victor Stevko, Chairman of Consonance

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