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Josie's Vet Bill, aka I really won the neighbor lottery

Originally posted by ladycelia at Josie's Vet Bill, aka I really won the neighbor lottery
This is from a friends only post I made a couple of days ago:
Lloyd is good people. I knew that. But yet another example: I went down to his house tonight to thank him for mowing my field (it's not done, but it's mostly done, and anything helps). Anyway, on his porch were Hershey and Duke, and a new pup, little thing, docked tail, cute as a button, cheerful as all get out, and spinning around on her butt because she was so excited that I was there. Her back legs don't work right. And the reason they don't work right, and the reason that her tail is docked, is because Lloyd hit her with a car down by the lake, nearly amputating her tail and damaging her hind legs. Most folks around here, if they bothered to do anything at all beyond driving away, might kill the pup. He took her to the vet. Tail had to come off, and legs are gimpy but kind of work (they're weak, and she can walk on them, just not for long and not really well). But she's chipper as hell, and the damage isn't stopping her from being a happy puppy who is playing with Duke, greeting me on the porch, and following Lloyd around like he's her personal God.

Good people.

These are some photos of Josie this afternoon. She's a wiggly little thing, and she likes people, so getting her to hold still isn't easy. But you can see the lost tail, and that her hind legs don't work the way they're supposed to, especially the right rear. She can walk, but she loses control of the right rear leg, and after a very short while she just drags it. Lloyd doesn't know I'm doing this. But if you can see your way clear to help out a little, it would be greatly appreciated. I know he spent $100 on the tail amputation. He's retired military, mows lawns and cleans up his son's bar to help pay the bills (Ruth, his wife, has ongoing major medical expenses, so money never goes very far). And even so, he comes up here and helps me around my place, took in Alan and Jeff and let them live in his camper until they could get a place, and of course, took in an abandoned pup that he'd hit with his car and got her medical care and gave her a home. When I asked her what kind of dog he thought she is, he responded "Hunting dog. She's got some Blue Tick in her. When she's well, she'll be a good hunting dog." He's an optimist, that man. Anyway, here are some photos of Josie (and one with Duke), and a pic of Lloyd helping me build my chicken coop.





If you can see your way clear to send a couple of bucks his way, I'll see to it that he gets it all to cover the vet bills. Thanks.

ETA: Karen reports that more then enough to cover Josie's vets bills has been raised.

There are other folks and animals in need that you can donate to instead.

Thank you all who donated.


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