Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation (johno) wrote,
Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation

My Baycon 2011 Panel Schedule

Friday 8pm Meet the Guests

Saturday 2:30pm Photographing Live Events

Sunday 10am Protecting Your Identity

Monday 2:30pm Top 10 Technologies

Meet-the-Guests Reception Grand Ballroom E & F Come meet the Master of the Carnivale, BayCon 2011 Chairman Robert Toland. Mingle with our guests as our Toastmaster Martin Young regales us with interesting anecdotes and introduces our Guests of Honor.
{{{I'm preparing to smile and eat}}}

Photographing Live Events Lawrence Tips and tricks from our live event photographers for catching that special moment of live action.
David Bedno, RJ Johnson, John O'Halloran
{{{With the 3 of us on this panel do you think the audience is going to get a word in edgewise???}}}
{{{I'm preparing to teach}}}

Protecting My Identity Winchester Every week, there is some astonishing news about another massive data breach where hackers have stolen millions of customer records, often including financial information. What is truly disturbing is when you discover that someone lost your information and that you didn't even know they had it. Should your cellphone be reporting your location to advertisers? What can be and should be done to improve safeguards? What penalties should be levied against the companies that lose your data, and the hackers that steal it?
Ric Bretschneider, Andrew Clark, John O'Halloran, Robert Toland
{{{I expect this one to be very interesting panel.}}}
{{{I'm preparing to debate}}}

Top 10 Technologies San Tomas A discussion of the top 10 technologies of the last two centuries.
Bob Kanefsky, Laura Majerus, John O'Halloran
{{{Go look Bob and Laura up...}}}
{{{I'm preparing to pontificate}}}}

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