Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation (johno) wrote,
Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation

From Twitter 12-06-2010

  • 11:19:32: On a day that I thought I was already full up on joy, it doubled when I saw #UncleJoe sitting with my Mom in the Father of the Groom seat.
  • 11:25:11: Gaylord gave me a winter send off. 3" of snow on the car, 17 deg temp & biting wind. 1 fuel & potty break, now on food break. 1hr to DTW.
  • 17:34:41: Left Gaylord at 10am. Roads were clear & fast. Arrived at rental return @2:30p. Plenty of time to check-in & clear security 4 my flight.
  • 17:39:13: Flight from DTW to DEN was smooth & on-time. 1.5hr layover Now in the (noisy) New Belgium Hub for dinner & a really good 1585 Black Beer.
  • 17:41:36: @dprisoner Good on ya. You're getting up to good distances.
  • 17:44:21: @Joy_Alyssa_Day Grumpy Joy needs food. Even if the grump is justified.
  • 17:53:00: @oddharmonic re Science Faire ideas rejected. Why? Were they all based on Mythbusters episodes? If not, start working eps for ideas.
  • 17:58:51: @oddharmonic ...or a little more practical... Check out Kari's Headrush series. Lots of info & segments @

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