Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation (johno) wrote,
Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation

Not the best way to start the day...

We're OK <<< Scary words to start with...

We woke up today to find some towels had fallen against the wall heater and were on fire. Pulling the pin on our fire extinguisher and the the entire control fell apart.* So we started dumping water on it and put it out.

No bad damage. Lost some towels and the rug is scorched.

Made sure it was completly out. Took the towels outside and Chris soaked them with a hose, while I poured more water on the scorch marks.

We opened up all the windows and went to breakfast.

Came home and started the heavy clean up. Cut out the charred and soaked carpet and found real hardwood flooring underneath. (one plus about this event).

Called PG&E (local power and gas) to inspect the wall heater, they insisted we call the fire department to inspect it first. FD arrived quickly and stated they saw no damage but some scorching and all the signs were that the fire was very small.

We took the rest of the day off to de-stress and complete the clean up. I've striped the carpet from part of the hallway, pulled the tack strips and hunted down a bunch of stray staples. Chris cleaned the furnace to remove the soot and did it's annual vacumning.

I have replaced the fire extinguisher, with a name brand model with a metal head and status dial. No cheap plastic that will crumble with age.

None of our smoke detectors went off, so I bought 2 10-year good brand smoke detectors.

Between the fire and the firemen, all the cats went into hiding for a bit. Rusty and Autumn came out farely quickly. Miles was out and about around Noon and we saw Cordy around 3pm. Cordy was giving me looks like she blamed *me* for all the ruckus. Still no sign of Elena, but she sometimes hides for days. All are now acting normal for them and show no signs of distress nor are they coughing.

Chris and I are a bit allergic (dust from the carpet) and have rough throats. We've a couple rounds of post-stress OMG what could have happened moments, but we're doing ok. Dinner is starting with cocktails tonight.

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