Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation (johno) wrote,
Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation

The latest Meme. "Me is"

"John is" on Google has 302,000 hits. "JohnO is" only got 143 hits, but they were boring.

The first 30 are:

JOHN IS DEAD. {{{A depressing start}}}
John's is The Fun Pub in Indian Shores {{{Now that's more like it}}}
John is a British artist
John is one of New York's winningest handicappers?!
River John is a small village nestled along the Northumberland Strait.
"John is" to see which kind of a person you are. {{{self referential search???}}}
John the Ripper password cracker
John is the Webmaster of
John is that guy.
John is hitting the road! {{{ouch}}}
John is married to actress Marnie Mosiman. {{{Whoo, Hoo}}}
John Is Not Dull {{{Thank you for that affirmation}}}
John is nigh.
St John's is a large, beautiful and very friendly college.
John is a prime mover in SETI
Blue John is a rare mineral found at only one location in the world
John is the founder and General Minister of the Brothers and Sisters of
John is selected to perform as one of the featured musicians
at the Nashville New Music conference.
John is ... {{{What? What am I? The entry cuts off.}}}
Saint John is the British Most Venerable Order
John is one of the very few shakuhachi masters
John is one of Britain's leading thinkers about economics and business
Taliban John Is Indictable And Convictable For Treason
A cold reader is all John is... {{{My English Major Lady will flip over this one.}}}
John is now using this structural design technology
St. John's is updating its sanctuary
Two thirds of St. John is a US National Park
St. John's is the capital of Newfoundland
St. John's is an Anglican Church
John Would Like to Hear From You! {{{Yep!}}}

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