Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation (johno) wrote,
Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation

It was a very busy, but fun weekend...


Fri: Hubba Hubba Review: Fairy Tales.
Sat: Broadway West Theater: You Can't Take It With You.
Sun: the_ogre's Birthday Celebration at Raging Waters.

I observed that I spent most of the weekend surrounded by scantly clad women.

Hubba Hubba: This was our first time seeing a full on Burlesque show. I've seen individual acts and some TV shows or movies, but never live.

We had some stress getting there, as our parking foo failed us and we spent 20 minutes circling the area looking for parking. Yes the Costco has a well lighted parking structure, but the ticket machine was not taking payment. The lack of other cars, tipped us off that it was probably not a good thing to park without paying.

The show built up from Act I being newish performers and a graduating class of new dancers. Act II ramped up the ability of the performers and stuck close to the theme. I loved all the different body types. Act III brought out the pros. Excellent dancers all. To be honest, while technically better, I enjoyed the enthusiasm of the ladies from Act I & II better.

Due to the crowd, we hung out in the balcony. I didn't have a zoom lens on my camera, so I didn't get very many (if any, I have not reviewed them yet). Popping down during intermissions to chat with rmjwell.

Sat afternoon as usual did some drum building. Gluing up the shell of a hira-daiko, and some prep work on a couple of other shells.

Sat evening we attend Broadway West's production of "You Can't Take It With You" featuring our friend Larry. Wonderfully wacky show. Full of heart and great performances.

Sunday afternoon, we went to Raging Waters a local waterpark for Aaron's birthday. It was day of water, sun, wave pools, slides, lazy rivers and girls in bikinis. Lots of fun and no sunburn due to liberal use of spf 30+ waterproof sunscreen. Afterward we went to P.F. Chang's for a very yummy meal.

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