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  • 20:25 Oh nice! Front row reserved seats for Phantasmic! #Disney #
  • 20:27 Needed that nap and we only did Tomorrowland and Adventureland. #Disney #
  • 01:18 OMG! The priority seating for Fantasmic included a box is amazing deserts, softdrinks, *chairs* and personal service. #Disney #
  • 01:24 @LisaMarli We went to Guest Relations and they hooked us up. Not cheap thought. $55 each. #
  • 01:25 @jadedrain Nope we're at DL in SoCal. #
  • 01:27 @jadedrain We saw WOC Sun night. Ordered the picnic dinner and got priority seating. Not near as fancy as the Fantasmic priority seating. #
  • 01:29 @CorwynOfAmber Coolness. We'll be here through Wed afternoon. Just look for the 2 adults acting like kids. #
  • 01:30 @luckinspades Disney through Wed. Westercon till next Monday. #
  • 09:45 Day 3 of #Disney Death March of Fun begins. #
  • 09:55 Another advantage of the Fantasmic priority seating. While the crowd was waiting & watching the early show, we went on 4 A-ticket rides. #
  • 09:58 Continued... Indy, Pirates, Haunted Mansion and Splash Mountain. #Disney #
  • 12:03 Gone deaf at #CaptainEO, not from soundtrack, but from the large group of MJ fans cheering and screaming. #Disney #
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