Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation (johno) wrote,
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  • 18:40 Disney, Disney, Disney!!! We're finally here. Only 5 hours later then planned. Checked-in to hotel and already atCalifornia Adventure. #
  • 19:30 Staked our claim for #disneywoc #
  • 19:48 Seen several other Starwars fans. Even got a comment on our @@ t-shirts. However no one we know. #Disney #
  • 19:50 @Catwoman69y2k re #HotInCleavland Those 3 HOT Ladies more then make up for it featuring Betty White. #
  • 21:50 Wow, cool, amazing. #Disney World of Color #
  • 23:49 Long drive, WOC, Soaring, & TOT. They kicked us out. Time to go fall over. #Disney #
  • 10:36 Tummy upset overnight, so late start today. Heading for the Magic Kingdom. #Disney #
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