Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation (johno) wrote,
Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation


'cause someone asked almus, and it got me thinking...

Year/Age Where to
1961/0 born in Izmur, Turkey move to Detroit, MI
1961/0 move to Winsor, Canada
1964/3 move to Detroit
1967/6 Mom divorces my Dad, move to different apt
1970/9 move to Rochester, MI
1973/12 move to Taylor, MI
1979/17 move to Allendale, MI for college (2 room changes)
1980/18 move to summer housing
1980/18 move back to dorm
1981/19 move to apartment
1982/20 move to apartment (previous roommate got married)*
1983/21 move to Gaylord, MI
1984/23 move to San Antonio, TX (USAF basic)
1984/23 move to Biloxi, MS (USAF Tech School) 3-room changes.
1984/23 move to Colorado Springs, CO
1985/24 move into apt.
1986/25 move to Woomera, Australia
1989/27 move to San Lorenzo, CA
1991/29 move to Fremont, CA
1993/32 move in chriso and S&J
1998/37 move our own home.

Hmmm, off by a few, 22 moves.

*Thus ending 10 years of continuous occupation of the apartment. Among other things, we found a "brown" stain on the carpet. In a _Odd Couple_ moment, we realize that's the original carpet color.

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