Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation (johno) wrote,
Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation


Last night after Wondercon we had a wonderful dinner at Fang Restaurant, 660 Howard St, SF.

After some questions about our likes and dislikes. Chef took our menus and said "I'll take of you."

And he did!

To drink was Blossoming Flower Tea. Which started looking like a stanandard tea sachet but after a bit blossomed in a flower at the bottom of our cups.

1st Course was S&P Mushroom. Which was a chicken & mushroom ish. The chicken was lightly sesame flavored and the shrooms unfamilier buy very good.

2nd course was Bao Bing Beef. Which was melt in your mouth cubes of walnut coated beef, atop sautied 5 spice flavored Bokchoy.

3rd course was Panfried Pork Chop. Which was actually very flavorful & tender pork ribs with a sweet BBQ sauce, bits of pineapple and steamed bokchoy.

Including drinks and tip, it was a bit expensive but well worth the $$ each.

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