Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation (johno) wrote,
Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation


Orginally meant for nudists, but what the hay.

Saturday was too busy to make it to Lupin during the day, but we did head down in the evening for the dance.

While it technically had the theme "Seasonal Sensations," we were there for the DJs, Broadway Joe and Anita. They play a mix of pop and rock danceable music from the 60s to current, with a heavy dose of MoTown. Right up our alley in terms of musical preference.

After lots of work during the day I didn't expect to have a lot of energy for dancing. I was wrong. I was up there shaking my naked booty for most of the evening. We often finished a song with "Wanna break? Yeah." music starts "But we gotta dance to this one."

Backtracking a little. We arrived before the music started, so we took a soak in the hottub, where we had a nice conversation with some instructors from the Human Awareness Institute seminar that was being held at Lupin last weekend. I learned some good stuff to take back to the sextips community for which I'm one of the moderators.

Having the seminar at Lupin though, meant there was a higher the usual number of folks at the dance who were clothed. None seemed bothered by all the naked folks (I supposed they would have bailed right away, if they were.) but some were trying really hard not to stare and some looked eager to join, but not quite ready to disrobe.

However as the evening progressed, we noticed that the clothing was slowly disappearing. The women lost their tops before the guys took off their shirts. With some transitioning through dancing while wearing regular underwear.

I hope they enjoyed their Nudist experience and will return again on their own.

I also hope none of them were given the wrong ideas by the 2-3 women wearing tacky lingerie. I've nothing against dressing up or down at a park, resort, club, beach, etc. I sometimes wear a parero (sp?) wrap myself, so I understand the need to sometimes coverup* or the want to decorate yourself**, but please have a little taste in your choice of decoration. What is it with the ugly teddies, bustier (sp?), thigh high fishnets, etc?

{{{oops, sorry for the mini rant}}}

* Sometimes I get self-conscious or get turned on dancing and need to hide myself.

** My Lady loves to swirl her skirts when dancing. She grabbed at her non-existent skirt several times on Sat.
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