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Pet Peeves

I try not to be negative, I really do, but sometimes I get off on a tear or a pet peeve sets me off.

Recently I started a new job, great work environment. Cubes, but nice ones. Large non-chilly, non-hot computer lab. However, there is only one set of restrooms serving 3 tenants.

The restrooms are actually pretty clean, but...

I have a pet peeve about flushing the toilet. I do it. Most folks do. Hell I even check that everything went down and flush again even if some paper is still floating around.

Some folks don't. You often find toilets with urine or shit & paper. I usually look for a clean toliet. (No I'm not a John Cage, needing a "fresh bowl."), but if in a hurry I'll flush then use.

However, there is someone in this building who takes a shit and doesn't flush. Yeah, yeah, just like I mention above. Except there is no sign of paper used to clean themselves.

Sorry just had to get that off my chest.


However, some folks don't. Not just p

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