Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation (johno) wrote,
Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation

What's up in my life or why my LJ appears dead...

I've always been a short poster. So Twitter and Facebook fit my style very well. Most of my content is on one or the other of those services.

My Twitter posts do feed back into LJ via the "Really Short Random Musings
( The Daily Tweets of JohnO )" posts. Yes there are conversation fragments there, but most likely just short little stand alone posts.

I still read LJ first and am a active commenter.

One major thing that has changed is that after nearly 18 months of not testing my blood (daily or lab tests) I got my blood tested and a1c was 8.5. Which is the flag point for a diabetic to start on insulin shots.

Yep, every night I'm giving myself 20-24 units of NPH insulin and check my blood 2-4 times a day (Morning & Night (for sure) and Lunch & Dinner (if able/remember)). This is to make sure my blood glucose is in the proper range of 80-130.

I'm also checking my blood pressure and doing weekly weight checks.

So I do a daily "tweet" of my Morning Numbers:

bg: blood glucose.

bp: blood pressure.

p: pulse (mainly because my auto cuff provides it)

w: weight.


Morning Numbers: bg: 134 bp: 108/65 p: 65 w: 300

I sometimes include commentary on my activity/food intake, esp if the numbers are high or low.

My near term targets are:

bg: regularly under 130, mid-term < 120
bp: holding steady at a good level
p: is already low, but could be lower.
w: short term 280, mid-term 250

Otherwise, there is theatre (The Producers open the weekend after Westercon), cons (Westercon), Taiko classes on Tue & Sat and work transition issues (that is whole seperate entry that needs to be written up, that are all sucking the tiny trickly of creative juices I have.

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