Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation (johno) wrote,
Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation

Weekend update...

I was bored in meeting today, so I reviewed our excitement filled weekend.


Went out to Tony Roma's for ribs. Yummy, but nothing to crow about.
We tried to got to Smokehouse Willy's, but they are in the process of moving.

Watched Farscape and Stargate-SG1 season premiers.

Crichton is still nuts (but Scorpy in a Hawaiian shirt was a hoot) and O'Neil's answers are still "lets blow it up", but both shows do it in such fun ways.


Was clean the Tiki Tacky Cabana day. We trashed lots of rotted stuff. We never winterized last fall, so lots of stuff got blown around and wet and yucky.

Our hot tub is leaking, which didn't help, but since we removed the fake grass runners around it, we can see exactly how much it is losing and where it is running to. Rather then the "everything is wet back here" that we've been dealing with for last few months.

As I was doing final clean up, I heard a rustle from one of our trees. Thinking it was a cat or something, I looked up in time to see the tree slowly fall over into the pool. It didn't do any damage and wasn't resting it's weight on the rim, so I left it.

I informed C that we just gained another large task for Sunday.

We went to the Flowers by Colleen annual party at The Starport, where I sucked mdlbear into LJ land.

I teased chaoswolf about working on the smolder look.

Also saw figmo, lysana and chipuni.

Went to the Wayne Brady show at the Mountain Winery.
Very funny man, the show was sort of a long form "Whose Line Is It Anyways" with lots of improve segments.

Stopped by The Starport on the way home and had a nice chat with Colleen.


!! ;)

Hacked back the tree (actually one of several large branches this tree has) from the pool.

Cleaned the pool. We never got the winter cover on, so it's very full of leaves. This the 3rd time we taken a whack at cleaning them out. Almost done. Had to stop though cause I broke the filter cover and had to go to the pool supply store and get some replacement bits.

Between the 2 days of yard work, the party and concert, we were bone tire and brain dead, so we watched Zoolander on pay-per-view. Very silly and brainless. Don't buy, but worth a rental or PPV.

After making some quickie chili for dinner, we watched the Paul McCartney Queen's Jubilee concert on VH1. Sharon Osbourne hosted and had to be bleeped several times. /*\/*\.

Interesting that they a) let someone play "God Save the Queen" from the palace rooftop and b) set off fireworks not only on the grounds, but from the building. I wonder what the British Secret Service first thought about that idea when it was floated at a planning meeting. ;)

Since it's Pledge time again on PBS, instead of usual Sunday Science Fiction on KTEH, we played catch up with our video tapes and such.

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