Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation (johno) wrote,
Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation

Meme me baby

Warning adult content, stripped down purity test Qs.

Several Yes answers are for a broad definition of sex and/or the situation.

1. Had sex? Yes
2. Had oral sex? Yes
3. Had anal sex? Yes
4. Used more than 3 positions in one session? Yes, umm don't most folks?
5. Devoted a whole day to sex? Yes, even tried counting, but lost track.
6. Had noise complaints from neighbors during a sex session? Nope, we've wery wery quiet.
7. Received open praise for sexual technique? Yes
8. Written an erotic story? yes, but very badly written
9. Fallen or lost balance during sex? Yes. Klutz are us.
10. Brought partner to climax using only hands? Yes
11. Brought partner to climax using only mouth? Yes!
12. Had sex while totally dressed? Yes
13. Had sex while standing up? Nope, see #9
14. Erotically licked feet or sucked toes? Yes but didn’t' do anything for either of us.
15. Had sex during your "monthly visit"? Yes, and I have my red wings.
16. Used whipped cream/soft chocolate erotically? Yes, but not in bed.
17. Used ice erotically? Yes, tried the altoid thing once too.
18. Used hot melted wax erotically? Does pouring it on a stripper count?
19. Shaved your pubic hair? Yes, itch, etch for the 2 weeks after.
20. Used a sex toy? Yes
21. Used a vibrator? Yes
22. Used an inanimate object (bottle, candle, hairbrush, etc.) for masturbation? yup, floor buffer (not exactly inanimate, it shook and vibrated very nicely)
23. Used an inanimate object while having sex with a partner? With and on
24. Obtained money or a favor for sex? no
25. Paid or granted a favor for sex? yes
26. Given sex in sympathy? Yes,
27. Had sex with a virgin? Nope,
28. Ever cheated on someone? Nope (though I did cross limits one time)
29. Had sex with someone 10 years older/younger than you? Not sure.
30. Had sex with your landlord? No
31. Had sex with a teacher? Nope (not even someone's who profession is teaching)
32. Had sex with a boss? Nope
33. Had sex with a relative? Nope, there was silly sex play in younger years.
34. Had sex with two members of the same family? no
35. Had sex with twins? No
36. Had homosexual sex? nope
37. Had sex with a pet? Nope. Do the cats rubbing me during masturbation count?
38. Had sex with a farm animal? No
39. Had sex with someone the same day that you met them? No, but damned close in one case.
40. Had sex with someone whose name you didn't know? Nope
41. Had sex with someone you never spoke to/spoke different languages? No
42. Had more than 10 sexual partners? Almost, but not quite
43. Had more than 100 sexual partners? No
44. Had two separate sexual partners within 24 hours? Nope
45. Had a menage-a-trois? Yes, but they were both 2 focusing on 1.
46. Had group sex (more than 3)? No
47. Participated in a swap/swinging club? No
48. Had two regular partners at the same time? I wish.
49. Had sex in a public place? Yep
50. If so, where? Exotic Erotic Ball, to inhibited to go all out public.
51. Had sex outdoors in broad daylight? No
52. Had sex on the roof of a building? No
53. Had sex in a stationary car? Yes
54. Had sex in a moving car? Yes
55. Are you a member of the mile high club? Yes (I lived at 6000' level for 2 years, but never in a plane)
56. Had sex outdoors at night? Nope, now I'm getting depressed.
57. Had two sexual partners at the same time unaware of each other? Nope
59. Had sex in the host's bedroom while a day guest (party/social visit)? Yes
60. Had sex in the host's bedroom while an overnight guest? Yes.
61. Had sex in a public room while an overnight guest (kitchen etc.)? yes
62. Had sex at your office or other work area? Nope
63. Met partner during work hours to have sex? Nope, how vanilla can you get.
64. Had sex in a public restroom? Nope
65. Had sex on public transportation (bus, train, taxi, etc.)? yes
66. Had sex in a dark theater? nope
67. Had sex in the water (ocean, lake, pool, hot tub)? Yes, and learned you need nonwater soluble lube
68. Had sex in an elevator? No
69. Had sex in a cemetery? No
70. Had sex in a store dressing room? No
71. Used alcohol to lower resistance to sexual advances? Yes, more to lower inhibitions to do what I really wanted to do.
72. Allowed yourself to be felt up by a stranger? Nope
73. Looked at a nude magazine? Yes, wanna see my PB collection?
74. Looked at an explicit magazine (actual sex acts)? Yes
75. Seen a live stripper? Yes
76. Seen a live sex show? Yes
77. Watched someone having sex without their knowledge? Yes, they left the hotel curtain open.
78. Showered with a partner? Yes and bath
79. Flashed someone (breasts, genitals, moon, etc.)? Yes
80. Streaked with a group of six or more? Nope
81. Stripped for someone? Yes
82. Stripped for a group of 3 or more? no
83. Participated at a nude beach or nudist camp? Yes, wanna see the ID cards to prove it?
84. Been the only nude person in a group of 3 or more? Nope, at least not in a situation where folks weren’t in the process of stripping down.
85. Played strip poker (or a similar game involving nudity)? No
86. Showered while someone watched? Nope (no show, but several partners have been in the room while I showered.)
87. Masturbated? Yes
88. Masturbated while someone watched? Yes
89. Masturbated for a group of three or more people? No
90. Masturbated covertly in public? Yes
91. Had sex while you knew someone was watching? Yes
92. Been walked in on while having sex? Yes
93. Walked in on someone having sex? yes
94. Had phone sex? Yup
95. Watched a porno film with a sexual partner? Yes
96. Been the photographer for a nude photo? Yes
97. Been photographed nude? And had it published? We have a pic in N magazine.
98. Been photographed having sex? Nope
99. Been videotaped having sex? No
100. Watched a regular sexual partner having sex with someone else? Nope
101. Role-played a sexual situation? Yes
102. Taken part in transvestism? Nope
103. Used a blindfold during sex? Nope
104. Used handcuffs during sex? Nope
105. Inflicted pain during sex (sadism)? Not intentionally
106. Received pain during sex (masochism)? again not intentionally
107. Used nipple clips? Nope
108. Used sex dice? Nope
109. Used whip, chains, cat-o-nine tails, etc. during sex? nope
110. Received an electric shock during sex? Nope
111. Drawn blood (scratched, bit) during sex? Yes
112. Used auto-erotic strangulations? No! {{shudder}}
113. Pierced your genitals or nipples? No
114. Continued sex until raw or bleeding? Yes, that’s why we always keep lube around.

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