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Urban Nature

Yesterday, Chris and I were going out to do some shopping and noticed some white feathers drifting across our yard. "Oooo, some cat got lucky."

Came home and there were LOTS of feathers floating around our house. ?!?!?! "Not cat, pillow? But there are bloody bits?"

Went out again, a few hours later, still more feathers. This time we noticed them floating down from our tree. Looking up, we saw a falcon in our tree eating a dove. Before I could pull out my camera, the falcon saw us and flew away with it's prize. Chris thinks with the number of feathers floating around that it, or it and it's mate, had caught multiple doves that morning.

The falcon also explains why the kittens were glued to the front windows. We had thought they were just watching the feathers float around. Lucky they didn't get out, Autumn is the perfect size for falcon snack.

After telling this story to a friend, who lives in the neighborhood, she told us she has seen a falcon perched on her back fence and the utility poles. She's also has noticed a lack of bluejays and squirrels in her backyard since the falcon showed up. Nature at work.


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