Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation (johno) wrote,
Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation

Cons for the year ... update.

Busy busy year ahead for us.

Jan: Further Confusion
Mar: Consonance (Committee)

Apr: Costume-con 26 (Staff)
Hotel reservation made, even if we screwed up the reservation and have to check in a day later then planned.
Now less then 4 weeks away. Ack!
Actually the committee has it's act together.

May: Baycon
Hotel reservation made, adding yet another hotel club card to our collection.

Jul: Westercon: Burning Fan
Hotel reservations. 4 stars, living in the lap of luxtury.
We'll doing a timeshare the week before and enjoy Vegas (Baby!)
and the local area if we end up driving there.

Jul: Vintacon
Russian River area this time. Long time since we've been up that way.

Aug: Worldcon: Denvention
Still need to pass on our 2nd reservation.

Sep: ConChord
Looking very doubtful. We will still be recovering $$ & vac wise from Worldcon.

Oct: Silicon
At the SFBA usual hotel, but no booking details yet.

Looking more and more doubtful. Need to do a rollover request in Aug/Sept.

Nov: Loscon
No booking details yet.

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