Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation (johno) wrote,
Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation

Chef Chu's Chinese New Years Feast (details)

We've been attending this feast for 12 years now or one full rotation of the Chinese zodiac.

Our host was Chef Lawrence C. C. Chu


1) New Years Sweet Treats
Candied fruit & nut for nibbling
(I started taking pics after folks had started nibbling)

2) Whole Roast Suckling Pig
Crackling-skin roasted suckling pig,
carved table side, served with six condiments.
(were way in the back of the room, so no shots of the whole pigs)

3) Soup: Happy Harvest
Julienned duck breast, sea cucumber, winter bamboo shoots
& blanched Chinese chives in a rich, thick savory broth.

4) Honey-glazed Quail
Semi-boneless quail marinated in our cilantro pesto,
roasted until crisp outside, succulent inside, served
with fresh watercress and cherry tomatoes.

5) Maine Lobster Sichuan
Steamed half Maine lobster serverd over hand-shredded rice
nooles (fun) topped with spicy-sweet Sichuan wine
sauce, garnished with golden Kabocha nuggests.

6) Firecracker Medallion Rack of Lamb
Marinated & grilled boneless lamb medallions
tossed with dried whole Sichuan chilles sauce.

7) Gung Hay Fat Choy Bao
Purses filled with Buddha's Delight (Jai): winter bamboo shoots,
spicy pressed tofu, soy beans, bean thread noodles, gingko
nuts & red dates, topped with black-hair moss (fat choy)

8) Kirin Whole Fish
The mythical kirin denotes wealth, protection & progeny: a
whole fish = abundance. Thinly scored whole rock cod with
ham, black mushroom & ginger tucked in-between slices.
(there is game we play with the whole fish, since it stares at
you, you move the turn table around so the fish is staring at
someone else. If you watch closely, you see the fish continue
rotate through-out the course.)

9) Lotus Fragrance Family Harmony
Steamed Eight-Treasure Rice wrapped in lotus leaf,
crowned with a crisp whole shrimp.
(which looked like aliens bursting out of the rice packs)

Note: This list is from menu. We actually recived the rice before the fish.

10) Dessert: Fresh Pineapple Jaozi
Lightly poached thin-sliced fresh pineapple, filled with
candied ginger & lichee-mascarpone cheese,
served with fresh pomegrant & syrup.


All from Thomas Fogarty Winery

2006 Monterey

2005 Santa Cruz Mountains

2006 Santa Cruz Monntains
Pinot Noir

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