Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation (johno) wrote,
Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation

Meme me baby!

Several folks are doing this one and I'm tired of reading a security document.

Who do I know, and when did I know them?

People on your friends list:

70 total friends.
38 mutual friends
32 friends I read, but who don't read my stuff
3 folks who read my stuff, but I don't read theirs

62 community membership..
13 communities that I watch, but am not a member.

Who you've met in person?

almus, angilong, rosefox, figmo, gridlore, katyhh, khaosworks, kshandra, lysana, mattblakk, redrob, the_ogre, cadhla, danaoshee, litalex, misdev, and rmjwell. I've possibly not made the connection between LJ and RL on some others.

Whose house you've been to:

redrob, cadhla, misdev, and rmjwell.

Been to my house:

redrob, cadhla, and figmo.

Whose full name you know off-hand (or at least RL first name):

angilong, rosefox, figmo, gridlore, izzicam, jameydee, katyhh, khaosworks, kshandra, lysana, mattblakk, meganmorrone, poseidon210, progress, redrob, shancam, the_ogre, tigerbright, andrea_, cadhla, chaoswolf, danaoshee, dawnmarie, eleri, hollybear, hopeforyou, litalex, mikz, mindmirror, misdev, ouchouch, poorprncesstina, rmjwell, sinboy, and sweet_sunrise. No names supplied, as at least one person on this list does not want their RL name revealed.

Who you've known for more than three years:

RL: figmo, gridlore, kshandra, lysana, redrob, cadhla, misdev, and rmjwell.
Online: izzicam, jameydee, and persis.

Whom you've lived with:

Who are exes:

Who you've "done":

Who you would do:

Who live outside your country:
5: Australia, Canada, Singapore, UK and Germany. Not sure if there are more.

Who you have a secret crush on:
No real crushes, as in emotional attachment, but once again: ;)

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