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Unlocked the posts from our trip to Las Vegas Christmas week.
None were detailed travelogs, but I didn't want public posts out there saying "Hey! We're out of town."

What we did for 10 crazy days

chriso and johno wrote this, so sometimes the point of view switches between them or into the 3rd person.

12/20 Thursday

Saw the dress rehearsal of Stage1's Holiday Show, then hit the road.
We have a barn (theatre) and dancers and singers, lets put on a show.
Silly fun as a bunch of friends get together for a good time.

Did only 3 hours on the road, so stayed in a random Motel 6 somewhere down the the road.

12/21 Friday

Considered cutting through the Sierra Mountains, but the exit to highways 178 had signs saying closed due to snow and ChiPs on the exit ramp telling folks that the passes were closed and only allowing local residents to proceed.

Stopped at the Sun Maid Store & Visitor center, more store then visitor center. Alas, no tours of the processing plant. But we did buy some wonderful chocolate covered raisins and cranberries.

Stopped at the Bravo Farms Cheese Shop, which proudly proclaims to be a "Cheesy sleazy tourist trap."

It may have been a tourist trap, but they did let you look through a window to their cheese processing facility and they did have excellent cheese. Bought sharp cheddar, Gouda and chipotle cheddar to eat for lunch and to go in the cooler for later.

Arrived at our hotel/time share Royal Resort around 9pm. Would have been 7pm, be we ran into slow traffic from Baker to stateline, then made the mistake of turning onto Las Vegas Blvd. 30 minutes to go 1 long block.

Nice hotel room, 90% renovated. New bathroom, new furniture, needs new carpet (had a clothes iron burn mark by the desk).

Went out to Jerry's Nugget and had prime rib dinner with redrob, who was in Las Vegas visiting relatives for the holidays.

12/22 Saturday

Saturday we slept in (note this is a theme...) and mostly stayed in getting our Christmas cards ready to send out. Missed getting them to the post office before closing, so they were deposited at the post office on Sunday.

Went shopping at Walgreens and bought a lighted Christmas Palm tree and decorations for the tree. We also bought snowflake lights to hang on our balcony. (Never got around to taking pictures.)

Had a late dinner at the Spice Islands buffet, our favorite LV buffet. It's at the Planet Hollywood Resort, which used to be the Aladdin. Did some slots. Chris won enough to cover John's losses.

12/23 Sunday

Slept in again and had a relaxing morning getting ready for a day of wandering around.

Visited TI, Mirage, Caesars and Belagio casino. Belagio had a great Christmas display including flying reindeer and animatronic penguins.

Went to Love. Wow! Great show. As with most Cirque du Soleil shows, it is very hard to describe. Worlds cutest ushers. Girls in powder blue London Bobbies costumes, the boys in beefeater costumes.

The show was very psychedelic, beautiful and relaxing. Plot had something to do with Liverpool recovering from the bombings during World War II and of course its rise a center of the music scene as the Beatles rose to success.

Before the show, we ate at Samba, a Brazilian Rodizio style restaurant at the Mirage. No handsome gaucho servers, but they did bring you all the meat you could eat. Prime rib, other beef, sausage, pork, chicken, and even bacon wrapped turkey. Wonderful side dishes.

Returning Did some playing with my OLPC XO, received just before the trip. Not surprisingly, the keyboard is a little cramped, but the screen is amazing.

12/24 Monday

After sleeping in yet again, but skipping breakfast.

Went to Star Trek: The Experience and bought tickets for both rides, the backstage tour and Bridge and Borg chamber pictures.

Having skipped breakfast, we ate at Quarks. As the roaming Klingon said "Overpriced tourist food" but it was good and the person who wrote the menu knows the Trek universe very very well.

While there, Chris developed a stomach ailment. We were able to do the rides, but asked for and got later dates to do the backstage tour and pictures. Reservations for dining at the top of the Eiffel Tower at Paris were canceled.

Before she was too sick, we were able to open Presents

Chris: Dolores Umbridge quill and wand, gift card, kitchen stuff and books.
John: iPhone, camera equipment, tshirt and books.

Then we to the Wynn to have dinner in their "cafe" (really too nice for a cafe, but it is their 24 hour food place). Chris was feeling sicker and just ordered soup and a grilled cheese sandwich.

Unfortunately after just a few bites of soup, the vomiting started and it wasn't long until she was completely dehydrated, as per usual when she gets stomach issues.

The food at the Wynn was excellent and definitely not at fault. While waiting for me to come out of the bathroom, John put a few coins in a nickel slot and won a little over $100. I told him he needed to save his winnings as a stake to play blackjack, his preferred form of gambling.

Caught a cab to the nearest hospital emergency room. The Wynn gave us the info for the cabbie. If we had been staying there, they have a doctor on staff who could have treated me (although I doubt he could have given me the fluids needed to rehydrate me. We were at the hospital from about 11:30 until 4AM.

12/25, Tuesday, Christmas Day

Slept in. The sleep was much needed this time. Then John went out to find an pharmacy to fill prescriptions given to me by the hospital doctor and I stayed in and took it easy and was able to eat and keep down my Wynn grilled cheese sandwich and Gatorade.

When John came back, we headed back over to the Star Trek Experience at the Hilton and when on the backstage tour which was a blast! Found out about special effects and was able to touch everything on the bridge set. (During the ride the day before we were not allowed to touch anything.) The highlight was standing outside the ride simulator for the Klingon Experience and watching it rock and roll. By the end of the tour, I was exhausted but happy, so we put off the pictures again for the next day.

After going back to the room and resting for a few hours. I felt ready to go out for Christmas dinner. I recover very quickly from these stomach upsets, so I thought I would be OK. We went to Crown and Anchor a British pub I found on the web which served a special Christmas dinner. John had Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding and I had Turkey and stuffing. I took it easy and didn't try to eat all my food and although my stomach rumbled at me, I didn't get sick. I was also able to eat most of my dessert, Sherry trifle, and a bite of John's dessert, Christmas pudding. Then back to the room for an early night.

12/26, Wednesday

Despite our early to bed night, we slept late again.

Went back to the Hilton and posed for our pictures. This took an inordinately long time (delayed by a wedding party, I heard) so we didn't get a chance to tour the updated museum.

We needed to get to MGM for our dinner reservations at Emeril's at 6:30. By now my stomach was completely recovered and I thoroughly enjoyed my mole pork chop and John had a wonderful melt in your mouth fillet mignon accompanied by tasty prawns.

Then we went to see KA, which was a completely different experience than Love, but still wonderful. KA tells the story of the battles and tribulations of a kidnapped Prince and Princess, featuring savage warriors and exciting acrobatics and stunts. Where Love was relaxing, KA was stimulating and energizing. Both were excellent, but Chris enjoyed KA more. Perhaps because the energizing experience was what she needed to get her spirits up after her "draining" experience.

Ka ushers get to look tough and abuse the audience. After finding our seats, John promptly left the theatre to answer the call of nature. "Where you going?" "You don't want me dancing through the show, do you?" On returning with 2 large sodas: "I thought you didn't want to dance?"

Ka brought John to tears. The visual of the flying machine was wonderus and tech to do it was ingenious.

After the show, we played some slots for a while at MGM and then we went to Harrah's where John played some blackjack with his $100 stake and won enough to play on Thursday too. Chris won a small amount on slots.

12/27, Thursday

All together now... We slept in.

Then went over to the Venetian to see if they had any holiday decorations left.

Late Thursday afternoon, it was off to TI to find out what was a good way to see the free Sirens of TI show without waiting for an hour out in the cold amongst the crowd. We were able to get reservations at Social, the Asian fusion restaurant above the water where the show takes place.

We ate out on the heated balcony, but needed to keep on our coats to keep warm. Watched the show, seeing handsome wet pirates and scantily clad ladies prance about in the cold, and had a lovely light dinner, which was a welcome change after all our heavy dinners. Although the food was Asian, it was served tapas style.

Before dinner, we John played blackjack again and Chris played some slots. John pretty much won enough to assure that he could play again later that evening. After dinner it was time to head over across the street to the Wynn.

We had VIP tickets to Spam-A-Lot, which meant we were in the 3rd row and we had our own personal grails filled with soda (we could have had beer, but neither of us like it). Most importantly, after the show, we went on a backstage tour, led by one of minor principal characters - the actor who played Prince Herbert (who winds up with Lancelot). The tour was great and he was a hoot. It was amazing seeing all the great equipment in a professional theater with a large budget. A lot different than the equipment used by a struggling community theater. Oh, and if you have a chance to see Spam-a-Lot - go! It's even more funny than the original Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Then, back to TI for a little more gambling, where John finally went through the $100 he won at the Wynn. Then back to to room to do a little packing before bed.

12/28, Friday

Our last day and we were not able to sleep in. {sigh}

After breakfast at the hotel, we finished packing and checked out around noon. We then went to the Wynn to see if the jacket I'd lost there the night before had been found. No luck. Sigh.

Then we went to the MGM for one last buffet. After dinner, John's lucky streak continued as he won $40 on one spin on an Indiana Jones nickel slot. Not a lot, but it meant we didn't have to stop at an ATM before leaving town.

We were hoping to have a brief visit to Death Valley, so we left town heading that way. It was dark before we got to the final turnoff to Death Valley, so we decided not to go. But on the way, as we passed through the Red Rocks area, we saw a gorgeous sunset, and later, as we passed through Pahrump, we saw amusing billboards advertising brothels, so our detour was not a waste.

12/29, Saturday Dec 29

We stayed that night in Mojave and ate breakfast/lunch the next morning in Tehachapi, where we ate at a touristy place that was once an apple shed. Breakfast featured wonderful apple sausages. That evening, we ate an early dinner in Gilroy at a marvelous BBQ place called Famous Dave's.

Then we raced to downtown San Jose to the Compaq Arena, where we had tickets to see Walking with Dinosaurs. Wow, another amazing show. After the show, it was just a short trip home to our "horribly neglected" kitties.

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