Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation (johno) wrote,
Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation

Lois, LJers and Sushi, Oh My.

I heard that Lois McMaster Bujold was doing a signing at Dark Carnival today, with a dinner afterwards for the SF Bay Area members of the LMB mailing list.

Turns out Lois was also to join us. !!!

C and I arrived around 4:30pm, to find we were among the first to arrive. Which was a good thing, because shortly after 5pm (when it officially started) the line grew to back of the store and up the stairs. Since Lois is very nice and friendly, the line moved slowly. But the folks in line didn't seem to mind.

She thought it was funny that, after hearing her read chapters from _Diplomatic Immunity_, I had been torturing friends with the briefing room scene. Asking to identify the speaker for the line: "After we shot up the police station and set the habitat on fire, what did we do for an encore?"

Since the signing was going until 7pm and dinner not until 7:30pm, C and I went a few doors down and got some fancy chocolate to hold us over. ;)

On returning, we engaged in group literacy with fellow early arrivals out in the nice sunshine. As it cooled down, we re-entered the store and stuck up a conversation with other LMB list members. Of course it turned out that many of them were LJ users. litalex, ataniell93, danaoshee, and almus. There were probably more, but I didn’t get them recorded. lysana was also there, but before I could check, if I could invite her along to the dinner, she departed. (Sorry lysana)

Went to dinner at Japanese place on college ave, who's name has unfortunately slipped from my brain. We were slightly delayed arriving and ended us sitting at a separate table from the main group. In the small world syndrome, our table mate, M, turned out to be someone I knew from my Colorado days. We had a wide ranging discussion. How the SF Bay Area seemed like home the moment we set foot in it, how with our divergent and mixed lifestyles no other area is so accepting, of course we spent a great deal of time discussing Lois' books, their story lines and how she is developing the characters.

M had to leave on finishing her meal and since no one had left the main table, I made a round of it, having some brief discussions and saying farewells to those I'd been chatting with at the store and thanked Lois for coming out and made a brief whine of "When's the next one going to be done?" She gave me a pained smile, like "not another one."

I'm sure I'll meet up with many of them again at Baycon and ConJosé.

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