Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation (johno) wrote,
Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation

They like us, they really like us.

Tonight was the Stage 1 Theatre's annual awards.

Chris and her partner in costuming JulieC won Best Costuming for The Wizard of Oz.

I'm may biased, but it was well deserved.

Then after a bit, they started announcing the Board of Directors award.

"For services to Stage1 in costuming, helping with every show, always having a great attitude and big smiles, and costumes and acting for the first time
{ping! Hey Chris is getting it}, and dressing {Ummm....} and photography {Oh man....}. We preset the award to Christina and John O'Halloran."

We got to the podium and it seemed that everybody was on their feet applauding us. We were gobsmacked.

"Wow! This was totally unexpected. We're speechless. Thank you."

Now that a few hours have passed...

Stage1 is a large and important part of our lives.
We work and participate because we love it and have lots of fun.
Not because we're looking for any reward.
However, it's really cool to win this award
Thank you!


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