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Voice Post

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“Hey greetings all there in LJ land. I'm driving home tonight, up on the iPod thing. The gods are on my side. Find me ideal cabinets, dig in. Been walking up this hill with, with that fierce grin of hers on her face. You just feel top and there's a bell free waiting for her and she sort of looks, Anne just looks at her and goes sorry babe, I got my own ride so if cops enter breaking, brightens up the rainbow bridge on her own. I think I could get Sheriff Right at the top and on the wind to that holler. ___ going ok guys, let's get this party started I think today ___ it came to me as I was listening to the song, just the big and slept all day and rushing yow(?) anyway just need to get this done. Sometime before its get so silly for my tiny little brain. See ya.”

Auto-Transcribed Voice Post

My, OH My!

That is totatly mangled.

What I said was:

"Hey greetings out there in LJ land. I'm driving home tonight and up on the iPod comes Annwn's "The Gods Are On My Side." I'm having visions of seeing Leigh Ann walking up a hill with that fierce grin of hers on her face. As she gets to the top of the hill, there is a valkerie waiting. She just says "Sorry Babe, I've got my own ride. She hops on her bike and zooms up the rainbow bridge. Makes the sharp right at the top at the sign pointing to Valhala. The doors burst open as she enters with her fiddle in hand calling out "OK Guy! Lets get this party going!

The entire vision built up as the song played and I said to myself 'Yow, I need to get down somewhere before it fades from my tiny little brain'

See ya."

Some of the translations are just downright strange considering what I actually said.

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