Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation (johno) wrote,
Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation

My Baycon schedule....

Light year for me panel wise, but considering I never submitted my name this year for consideration to be on panels, it's more then I expected.

5/25/07 17:30
Stockton / Connect 4
Party On, Dudes!

Do you want to go to a party? Are you having a party? Come check out the listing of all the parties, and meet some of the organizers ...

I'm the moderator of myself, since no one else is yet listed as being on the panel.

5/26/07 14:30
Stockton / Connect 4
Fannish Grapevine

Did you hear it through the grapevine? Do you have any idea how efficient the fannish grapevine is? Our fan panelists discuss the twists and turns the grapevine can take, and give examples.

with Bobbie DuFault (M), Christian McGuire, John O'Halloran & Colleen Savitzky.

5/26/07 20:00
Fan Photo

Once again I'll be working with Richard Man setting up and running the Fan Photo area.

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