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Consonance PR1, January 2007

from the desk of Dr. James Robinson, Consonance Chair.


Here we go again -- the World's Largest Filk Concom is getting ready to serve up yet another sumptuous musical feast on the first weekend in March. If you haven't pre-registered for the Con or made hotel reservations, you'd better get on it -- "it" being our web site: This year the Crowne Plaza has made it possible to make reservations on-line. And, of course, if you pre-register for Consonance now, it'll cost you less than an at-the-door membership...

But, you may ask, why would you want to attend Consonance in the first place? Well, for one thing, the incomparable Seanan McGuire is our Programming Goddess, and she always comes up with a great concert lineup with many surprises -- some of them even planned! There'll be workshops, theme circles and -- of course -- lots of open filking. AND...

...We have a stellar guest list this year; THE BOHNHOFFS (3 of them, with a possible guest appearance by a 4th!) will be our GOHs... as most of us know, their arranging and performing have taken filk virtuosity to amazing new heights, and Jeff seems endlessly capable of writing memorable parodies to Top 40 rock songs. Maya's presence, plus the promised attendance of a couple of folks from the Phoenix area, make a Harmony Heifers homage to Cow-li tantalizingly possible.

KATHY MAR has long been the official North Bay Filk Hostess, so it's fitting that she will be the Toastess for Consonance 2007. Many of us have been hoping for a full fledged one-hour concert from our "songbird" for quite a while now. She not only writes memorable original songs, but also overs songs by other filkers that she feels deserve wider recognition. Our only question is, how will Mud and Trob mike her if she insists on sitting on the floor??

GWEN KNIGHTON is a first-class harper, singer and songwriter who not only does wonderful solo performances, but also Plays Well With others. She was one of the Three Weird Sisters while still living an the U.S. and, indeed, she is still Weird, but now lives in the U.K. and devotes much of her time to playing, studying and teaching the Celtic wirestrung harp. She's not just a harp-geek, though. Her web page states the following: "...viols, crumhorns, mandolins; you name it, she can pick it up and play "Greensleeves" on it." (Anybody got a crumhorn?)

DAVE ROOD has an impressive and diverse musical background. Currently he plays trumpet in a jazz quintet and jazz orchestra; in the late 90's he discovered, and was discovered by, filking -- which prompted him to polish his solo guitar, singing and songwriting skills. He has played backup for the Three Weird Sisters (is there an echo in here?) and Mary Crowell's Banquet Band, but he is also perfectly comfortable -- and delightful -- on stage by himself. I look forward to an infusion of "jazz vibe" to our folkish venue in addition to hearing Dave's more traditional folk/rock/filk offerings.

Of course, there'll be lots more -- including Kat Sylvan and Kendra Dodd, Callie Hills and Rebecca Newman, Steve Savitzky -- and possibly even Dave Clement!

DO YOU WANT A CONCERT SLOT?? Seanan informs me they're still available, so act now and the next performer for Consonance audiences to get excited about could be YOU!! If you're interested, contact Seanan McGuire immediately: and start practicing!

DO YOU WANT TO PUBLISH A SONG IN THE CONSONANCE SONGBOOK? Heather Rose Jones is our S.B. Editor this year. We've decided it would be fun to tie the songbook in to a filk circle to help people learn the new songs and to make them more accessible. So we're soliciting contributions that encourage spontaneous harmonies and that would work well in the Harmonic Convergence sing-along. If your song fits these criteria and you're present at the convention, we'd love to have you come lead your song! And, of course, ALL contributions are welcome whether they fit the theme or not.

WHEN YOU CONTRIBUTE A SONG, be sure to send a copy of the lyrics and chording; original tunes can be sent either as notation or as any standard recording format. (Simple midi files of the melody are ideal, since they can be processed directly into Heather's notation program; but she's a whiz at transcribing, so it needs only to be clearly audible. If you're worried about file size for attachments, you can place the file(s) on a web site and send her the URL.


Heather Rose Jones
5838 Fremont St.
Oakland, CA 94608

or to:

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