Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation (johno) wrote,
Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation

A short story in emotions...

surprise, recognition, inquiry, concern, understanding, comfort.

This just came to me in a flash this morning and as I drove to work I kept paring it down in my head, till I reached just the emotions.

Chris and I have not watched the end of the current season of Doctor Who, but it's fairly common knowledge that Rose leaves at the end of the Season.

I was thinking about it, does she step out of the Tardis one last time on earth or does she star a whole new life in another time and/or planet.

If she returns to current era Earth, what would she do, who would she see.

After Jackie, who else would understand her experiences?

Micky/Ricky? Nope, off doing the Ace Rimmer thing in another dimension.

The PM? To busy.

Capt Jack? Would she know he's just up the street?


Who does that leave?

So what happens when Rose knocks on Sara Jane's door.

It came to me a short video...

Shot of small neat living room, cluttered with lots of odd knick-nacks.

Sound of typing from next room.

Tentative sound of knocking at front door.

Typing stops as a women walks through frame. We can't see her face, but she is wearing smart sporty clothes.

She answers the door, "Yes" (very short and clipped), it sounds familiar.

Close up of intelligent brown eyes, slowing pulling out as they register
surprise, recognition, inquiry, (reaching full face) concern, and understanding.

Cut to Rose looking as thought she's been crying.

Mid shot as Sarah Jane hugs Rose, Sara Jane has tears in her eyes.

Pull out as the ladies enter the house.

Fade out as we hear Sarah Jane say "I'll make us some tea."

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