Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation (johno) wrote,
Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation

Random comments about Season 6

Written in response to someone asking about S6 spoilers and my response to them...

Rumors have it that Tara dies in the next episode at the hands of Warren and that Willow goes to dark side and fries Warren to a crisp.

This is what I wrote after posting the more detailed rumor....

If this comes to pass, Joss will really piss the fans off. Willow/Tara have been the only bright spots (despite their issues) this season.

Buffy's a bitch.
Dawn's a dishrag.
Xander/Anya were a shipwreck waiting to happen.
Giles truly wasn't needed anymore as the "father" figure.
Spike, despite the rough play, has become Bloody (awful) William again.

Willow and Tara as characters belong together. Tara was Willow's beacon as she recovered from addiction. Willow was Tara's strength to believe in herself, even when that meant leaving Willow.

Hmmm, when did this turn into a critic of the season and homage to W/T??? :)

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