Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation (johno) wrote,
Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation

Hot Busy Day...

What a day to pick for my activities today.

1) Assist my Taiko instructor Terry in teaching the kids class in the morning.

2) Roadie for the Taiko Performance group's concert at the school.

3) Work from home in the afternoon.

4) Work doing a upgrade in the evening.

The only flaw in my plan was the weather. 95+ all day, possibly hitting 100 in the afternoon.

Oh and the classroom was not air conditioned, the performance was outside and our house is not air conditioned either.

Add some connectivity issues to work, and it could have been a really bad day, but it wans't.

The kids were great. In 4 days of classes, they have learned 2 of the 4 songs, it has taken me a full year to learn. They were having fun. And as a reward for each section covered they got to do Taiko Train.

The moment the concert started, many of the kids attending other classes flocked over. Some were enthralled, some beating out the rhythm , a few in the back dancing.

Despite many drops in our connectivity, fighting work's VPN, I got a lot done prepping for the evening and dealing with some other issues.

Still having connectivity issues and problems with the VPN, I was able to get the upgrade completed in just over 4 hours. Should have taken only 2 hours, but I wasted a solid hour just getting online. Things were fine right up till 6pm then kablam, down the connection went, then again at 8pm another 30 minutes. Recovery and restart, then lots of progress.

But the upgrade was successful.

Still hot, very tired, but feeling good about the day.

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