Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation (johno) wrote,
Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation

Baycon Day 2 - Fun & busy, but now I'm tired.

Up "early" at 9am (considering we went to be at 4am...), to be able to take care of morning routine & breakfast, before heading for my first panel at 11:30

Masquerade 101 - A combined tips for surviving the day of a masquerade and a guide to the time line of the day of the masquerade.

Then off to my 1pm panel

Cynthia McQuillin Memorial: Lots of good songs and a couple stories of knowing Cindy.

Had lunch, then got in a tour of the dealers room. And several good chats in the hallway.

Early dinner in the Lobby bar, I had protein and salad, as chriso and some other friends had sushi.

Off to setup the fan photo* area, but found that jadecat9 and her 2 Ooks** has already mostly finished.

First photo subjects were myself and _oy_, as I laced her into her new corset.
Hermione in a corset...Special hell...

Next 3 hours were spent herding folks in costume into and out the fan photo area, basic posing of them, but letting jadecat9 do the primary posing.

Photo pit was well behaved, so I didn't get a chance to abuse them to much.

Many wonderful costumes. Many hall costumes that should have been on stage.
Stunning participant costumes. From the singles to the groups. Great concepts, great executions. Very original costumes, very little tried and true.

jadecat9's photos will be stunning.

Was informed by rmjwell that I obviously hated my life as I finished posing a trio of beautiful ladies. When I told him of lacing _oy_, his response was that I was so smug, that I deserved to die, but that would make chriso sad, so he would't kill me.

Packed up the fan photo equipment and let jadecat9 and her Ooks carry it away.

Stuck around the Masquerade area to take pics of the winners and give out the Silicon Web CG's Dreamcatcher award.

Headed back to the room, changed and party hopped, attended some filking and though tired, felt I need to make this post anyway.

Why? Because there is a quiz later this morning?

*my fingers kept type Phan Foto

**Ook: n, a person who Ooks.
Ook: v, to lift and move heavy objects.

Ooks are:

Strong like goat,
Smart like tractor,
Smooth like brick.

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