Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation (johno) wrote,
Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation

Various updates...

While looking for a old post, I noticed some posts needed updating...

Power/UPSes: Took the advise and bought APC UPSes as replacements.

APC 1700 for the entertainment center.
APC 750 for the office/bedroom
APC {mumble} surge protector, w/ 11 sockets for all the other stuff.


Settling in still. They live mostly in the library still, but sleep under the desk in the office. They have been exploring more and watching us again. Cordelia (Mom Cat) has popped her head up over the end of the couch to look at chriso. Both Cordy and Miles will sit in the entrance to the kitchen and watch C cook. While still skittish, they have started (half hearted) hissing at us, before running away. Miles is back to letting me approach close enough for her to sniff my fingers, but no petting yet. Dominance games between Miles and Autumn seem to have stopped. Not sure who won.

Filk Biking Shirt:

Gah! Forgot to defend it and I was outbid. Went for a lowly $33.

Spring cleaning continues:

2 weeks ago, we did some major mucking out. Straining a back muscle with all the bending and incorrect lifting. Fortunately it was just muscle strain. Took a week to heal though, which not helped by the UPS event.

Last week we did lots more, getting space made in the library and office, so we can put even more stuff in later in the Summer.
On Sunday, we had iamradar come down and do the deep cleaning of the bathrooms and some other general cleaning. Much better and faster then either of us could have done.

This weekend is a working weekend for me, but we're going to try to get a few loads of boxes to a storage unit.

Why all the major mucking out?

As mentioned in the UPS post, our house is 50 years old and, except for the garage and 1 circuit to the office, is all ungrounded rag-wire (cloth covered 2 wire power lines.) Which in general should be replaced as just plain being old and in a modern house 3 wire grounded is needed for many electronics. I also want to the get GFCI circuits, or at least outlets, in the bathrooms and kitchen as well.

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