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I love the smell of burnt capacitor at 2am.



Just lost a USP and 2 surge suppressors.

We've had issues for the past couple of weeks with intermittent beeping from the entertainment center's UPS. We thought it was the new cats knocking the cords about under the desk they hide under.

Tonight the entertainment center's ups started beeping again...
"Oh damn, the cats knocked the cord out again."...
Then there was pop sound and a large puff of smoke and a solid beeeeeeeep.

Frantic pushing and pulling to get the ups out from behind the entertainment center and out of the house.*

Plugged in the entertainment center's power strip to the cord to the office, and heard another pop from the office.
Find the office power strip had fried, and we soon found another had fried too. (Probably back flow from the ups popping.)

For the electricians reading this, in the house we have only one 20A grounded circuit**, and it's in the office.
A heavy duty (dead now) power strip splits that to power:

  • Chris' work system and the network.

  • A heavy duty cord runs to the living room to power the entertainment center.

  • A light duty cord punches through a wall to power the tv/vcr/satellite receiver in the bedroom.

Hopefully we'll get the house ready this summer, so we can get the wiring upgraded later this year.

* Oh yeah, I strained my back this week and really shouldn't be bending, stooping and lifting weights at funny angles.

Edit to add:
** The rest of the house is 50 year-old ungrounded rag-wire, except for the gararge which has a 100-amp breaker box all of it's own. We plan on getting all the wiring upgraded and rearranged, when we get a round tuit.

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