Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation (johno) wrote,
Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation

17 years...

Since I officially separated from the USAF, in 1989

6 weeks in San Antonio
6 months in Biloxi
2 years in Colorado Springs
2.6 years in Australia

There were good times.
There were bad times.

I was glad to get out.
I don't regret joining.

I learned about leadership.
I learned to recognize good leaders and bad leaders.
I learned I'm not leadership material.

I was an enlisted man through and through, but I spent lots of time with officers
I worked shift work with generals.
I partied with Lieutenants, Captains & Majors.
I was served coffee by a Captain.
I installed cable TV at my commanding 4 star General's house, and had him remember my name.
I've met the Chief Master Sgt of both the USAF & USA.
I've seen a security badge with NO restrictions.

I discovered that USAF personal have a huge diversity of personalities and interests.
Many of which are deeply hidden from everyone else.

I earned more money in a year then I ever had in my life,
yet only had a stereo and 200 cassette tapes to show for it.

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