Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation (johno) wrote,
Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation

Aunt Cat/Big Daddy is home.

...and released to the back yard.

He was still wearing the protective cone collar when chriso picked him up. Asking the vet staff to remove it, they simply gestured for Chris to reach in and remove it. Umm, no.

I got back from a separate errand and we found that Big Daddy also still had a leash on. I reached in to remove him and he swiped at me, so I used the leash to pull him out. Bad, I know, but he had to get the collar off before we released him.

He was growling, spiting, and hissing all the way.

Got him out of the carrier and he added thrashing to the mix. I slowly drew the leash closer and closer till I had my hand on his neck. Fortunately I was wearing thick gloves because a couple of the swipes landed.

I was able to loosen the knot and by letting him back up, he was able to pull out of the collar. A little more work to get the leash off and he was gone.

Last we saw of him, he going down the neighbors fence.

We put out food and water, but I doubt we'll see him for a few days.

And to keep with the naming scheme, we were considering Aral, since he is probably Miles and Elana's dad. (Thus the backyard name of Big Daddy).

But with today's fighting, we think his Vorkosigan name should be Bothari, very protective, but mean and nasty when needed.

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