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Failure, then Success!

I may or may not have written about our backyard cats.

This past spring a MomCat moved in with 4 little balls of cute fluff.

Being the soft hearted, soft headed, types we are, we started feeding them*.

Over the summer the fluff balls grew into cute kittens and proceeded to be bouncy young cats.

Alas, along the way 2 disappeared. We *firmly* want to believe they were adopted and are living in good homes.

In the past week we've been hearing cat fighting and yowling. Reminding us that unless we want more kittens in our backyard, it's time take them to the v-e-t.

So we rented a live trap and baited it with tuna, and fairly quickly caught one of them. But we stupidly tried transferring her to a carrier box. Of course, she got away.

Chris just called, the other young cat has been captured and is on her way to the vet, still in the trap.

In store for the young cat:

  • Blood tests

  • Physical Exam.

  • Shots

  • Altering.

  • Defleaing & Bathing

Depending on how much they hate us after this, we'll see about turning them into indoor cats.

* Even worse, we named them:

MomCat: Cordelia
GreyStripes: Miles
Grey/Brown Tortie: Elena

Elana was trapped first, but got away.
Miles is on his way to the vet now.

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