Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation (johno) wrote,
Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation

My ISP must be crazy...

I've been using 1 and 1 Internet for a couple of years now.

Great service and they had reasonable costs when I first switched over to them.

Ever since I started with them, they have been steadily raising the storage and bandwidth limits and adding features (most I don't even use).

Today I got a yet another email saying they have raised them yet again.  I go look at the chart...


For my $20 month, I get:

30GB of storage (yes, gigabytes)

***edit to fix a misread on my part***
1,500GB of bandwidth a month (as qdot points out, is 1.5 terabytes)

3,000 separate mailboxes
  each of which can hold 2GB of mail
  which does NOT count against the 30GB of general storage

...and looking at the Comparison/Summary chart, I see they now have "Beginner" account:

for $3 a month

5GB of storage
250GB of bandwidth

500 individual mailboxes,
  with 2GB of mail storage

***edit to add***

Since I've already gotten comments and emails from folks thinking of switching...
Disclosure: I'm just a customer of 1 and 1, but the link at the top of this post is my affiliate link and I would get some small commission if you order using it.

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