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Phone Post: Random musing on throwing an extremely personal item into the fire at Burning Man.

603K 3:06
“Oh, random musing number blah blah, whatever:

This weekend was having a chat with a friend who's going to her first Burning Man. Warned her to bring water, expect dust, yada yada yada, lots of advice from someone that has never been to Burning Man but, then again, I have also been desert camping and stuff.

One of the things that she mentioned along the way was she was considering tossing something extremely personal into the fire and she said it almost in an offhand manner.

Not sure if she fully understood that there are people who throw art in there because the art at Burning Man is meant to be transitory and there are people who put letters and other personal objects in the fire because they're passing things on however they think it's being passed on, but the folks who are throwing extremely personal items -- essentially ones they've had for years, that they carry around with them everywhere -- are putting them in the fire for vastly different reasons.

I'm not sure if she understands that, that throwing something like that into the fire at Burning Man meant that you're releasing it, letting it go, that you don't need that physical item in your life anymore to-- provide support, comfort, reminder, et cetera.

So I've been working these thoughts out in my head and now they just trail off on me - ah!

Anyway, I'm debating whether to send her an e-mail explaining this to her, that if she puts that particular object in the fire, it is gone, it is gone forever, and she needs to be prepared for that and that she's determined that she doesn't need it anymore, that she doesn't need it as a crutch or as a support.

Those of you that know me in real life and know much of my extended circle of friends probably know who I'm talking about... and I'd welcome input from those of you who probably figured out who it is and let me know if I should send this person e-mail explaining that if she does this, she has to be prepared.

Once again, random musing something or other, [inaudible] just wanted to get it out and on magnetic media before it disappeared from my head.”

Transcribed by: oddharmonic

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