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Interesting commentary on SciFi

Found on "The Chronicle"'s discussion board:

Date: 04/01/2002
From: upstategeek

One wonders what transpires in secretive scheduling meetings at SCI-FI headquarters. One wonders what planet their HQ is on, in fact, or what dimension they reside in. It most certainly is not the one I live in, nor my family, nor my friends.

First SCI-FI was a repository for classic sci-fi shows, a few horror shows and some fantasy shows. Then the 'intelligence' from their corporate head said "Let us forgo the tried and true path of the past, and forge into the bright unknown of the future by allowing bright and rising stars in acting, writing, and directing to display their talents on our air waves (microwaves?)" And thus it was put forth into existence.

A plethora of entities sprang forth; some excellent, some good, some mediocre, some bad, and some not worthy of even mention. And the 'pattern' was set forth by the corporate heads of SCI-FI. The heads spoke and said: "Let us aid natural selection and help the entities at the bottom of the scale by terminating those at the top of the scale. Let us kill off the
excellent and good entities that have come into existence by giving them only a short life. Let us give an extended life to the mediocre, bad, and unworthy of mention."

And so it has been. Whenever an excellent or good show appears on SCI-FI, it seems to vanish from existence. Even as die-hard followers are showing up every week to watch the dreck put forth in the hopes of viewing the one gem, the corporate heads have already spoken, and the dreck will eventually win out.
'Star Trek' was on during the 'family hours' of 7 to 9. A great classic, and entertaining even if you've seen each episode dozens of times. Also a show the entire family could sit down and watch without editing.

This was eventually supplanted by 'Tales from the Crypt'. A somewhat entertaining show, but something totally unfit for viewing with ones entire family (and certainly not over dinner).

Eventually goodness replaced the dreck, as the 'Sentinel' was aired. Interesting story line, great chemistry between cast members, suspense, and humor. What more could we want? Well, the residents of my universe loved it, so that means that since we do not fit the mold of the demographics SCI-FI is trying to reach, that the show should be killed; which it was.

This pattern was repeated with 'The Invisible Man', and lately with 'The Chronicle'.

Three great original shows, all with great writing, directing, actors chemistry, and humor, all killed by some corporate head with a specific agenda. What exactly that agenda is, I'm not quite sure yet, but it certainly contains the lauding of purveyors of dreck. It also contains the message, that if it contains sex, is lewd, or is suggestive, it will appear on SCI-FI. But, if it is wholesome, clean, humorous (clean), and can be viewed by the entire family, it is in jeopardy, and will probably end up being cut from the schedule.

End of tirade.

To the 'Corporate Head' of SCI-FI:
If you insist on aiming your products toward the 'MTV Generation', as you have previously stated, please consider a 'SCI-FI-2'. One for the individuals you are apparently gearing your lineup toward, and the second for the rest of us - those who enjoy stimulating, well written and acted shows, and don't appreciate them being removed or relegated to the 3-6 AM slots just because we don't fit the demographics.

If it were within my powers to choose which channels I received on my dish, and I state this with all honesty, that I would pull the plug on the SCI-FI channel as its blatant disregard for your ENTIRE audience, and the dreck and drivel you choose to air is appalling to myself and my family.

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