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Cynthia McQuillin - Status as of 3/15/2005

Dr James has sent out a update, which is included below.

Cindy had a massive Asthma attack Sunday (3/6) at Consonance and was
admitted to Kaiser Santa Clara, placed on ventilator, and moved to ICU.

As is noted below, she is still on a ventilator and is not taking calls
or visitors.

eMail Get Well Wishes and Notes of Support may be sent to johalloran at
gmail dot com.

Cards and letters may be sent via Dr James' office. If you don't know
his office address, drop me a line at the above gmail address.


Now on to the note from Dr J:


Please feel free to disseminate this message to concerned friends,
newsgroups and so on...

It's week 2 of Cindy's stay in ICU at Kaiser Santa Clara, and the
very good news is that her doctors have begun the long, slow process of
weaning her off the ventilator. Her lungs and bronchial passages are as
clear and open as they get, and she is taking some tentative breaths on
her own. Hopefully she will be awake and somewhat alert by this
weekend, but as of now she's still pretty heavily sedated because of the
intrusive presence of the breathing tube. The entire Santa Clara ICU
staff has been respectful, gentle and caring of Cynthia, and I am
confident that she's getting the very best care.

Thanks to all of you for your continued prayers and
well-wishes...please keep them coming!! I will keep you posted as
things develop, but know that little by little, day by day, she's
getting better. Onward we go --

-- James

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