Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation (johno) wrote,
Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation

Big Step, Hope the Bridge is There.

I made our Airline and Car reservations last night, for our Interaction trip.

We bit the bullet and went for comfort over cost and got the deal that kproche pointed out.

American Airlines, San Francisco to Glasgow (via Chicago), 1st class on the SFO/CHI leg, Business class on the CHI/GLA leg for a total of $4423 for both tickets. "Merely" twice the cost of economy on any airline.

Far better then Virgin's $4k each for Business or British Airway's $16K each for 1st class.

We figure the comfort, especially on the return trip, will be worth it.

The car was a big surprise. Economy size, with Nav system and *Automatic* transmission, for 2 weeks, only $533.
10 years ago we could NOT get a automatic transmission.

Not surprising we got a call from our Credit Card Fraud division confirming we just spent $5K for a overseas trip.

And the "bridge" of the title. Airfare & Car are non-refundable, and we are *still* wait listed for a timeshare & need to find "filler" hotel nights around the time share week.

We do have our reservation for the Marriott during the con.

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