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Cynthia McQuillin in the Hospital.

Dr James Robinson (formerly Dr Jane Robinson) has asked me to be one of his points of contact for information regarding Cindy.

I will pass on updates as I get them - please try not to overwhelm James with calls and emails, as he is going to be very busy in the coming days.

This is what James asked me to pass on to Cynthia's friends:

Cindy had a massive Asthma attack Sunday (3/6) at Consonance and was admitted to Kaiser Santa Clara, and is in ICU. She was put on a ventilator so she could rest.

She is resting comfortably and is expected to make a full recovery.

At this point we ask that people do not try to call, since she can't speak with the ventilator.

A mailing address for cards and letters will be announced in a day or two.

Email may sent to johalloran at and I will forward them to James.

Your thoughts and prayers for Cindy are appreciated.


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