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A thought about my Mom.

A friend posted about his Mom who recently moved to a assisted living facility (ALF) and how on visiting her, she was repeating many of the stories and news from the facility, was a bit worrisome.

I replied that it could be either early signs of Alzheimer's (repeating the same stories withing a short period of time) or a good thing that she is settling into the community there and wants to chatter about the happenings there.

{I wrote the following there, but decided it belonged in my journal, not their's.}

In a weird sort of way, it was good sign with my Mom. It meant she was retaining longer term some of the events that were occurring at the assisted living facility.

Before she moved into the ALF, her short term memory was down to 12 hours for big things (like my visiting, chriso being my wife, plans to go out the next day, etc), but only 5-10 minutes for little things (pills, TV show plots, meals, time of day, etc).

Though she did remember seeing Mel Gibson in a movie we went out to see, for nearly a week.

Guess that counted as a REALLY big thing to remember. ;)

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