Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation (johno) wrote,
Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation

Found in both keptwench' and razzle's LJ...

When did you first discover the World Wide Web?

93/94, I was introduced to it at work.

What browser did you use?

Mosiac 1.0 (possibly even the .8 and .9 versions).
Plain text, images had to be downloaded and shown by helper applications.

I had done some archie and gopher searches, but found them very painful.

Were you on the internet before the WWW?

I've been on BBSs since 1984, I was online when Fidonet was born.
In 1991 I set up my own system that connected to the internet via UUCP and participated in a few newsgroups.
(Google Groups is great for finding your first appearance online.)

What was your first username or handle?

On BBSs I was either NightFlier,  JSnyder  or JFS.
On the net I was Eoin, JSnyder, JFS and now JohnO or JOHalloran

Do you remember the first word or phrase you typed into a search engine?

Probably sex or nudity.  Shortly followed by sf fandom related terms.

I do remember finding the proto Jenni-Cam site.  With her "Tour of my Body" and "Tour of my Dorm Room" pages.


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